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Marketing You and Your Organization for Enhanced Profits with Less Stress

Imagine marketing and public relations going beyond corporate market share expansion to enhance the leadership position of senior management. That is our plan in a nutshell.

When you choose Masengill Marketing Associates you'll benefit from a breakthrough approach to marketing and public relations that is almost unheard of in our industry. We work directly with corporate leadership to improve brand awareness, public relations, and sales. Our goal is twofold: one is to enhance your company's position in the marketplace, and two is to give personal recognition to the leader whose job it is to make things happen.

Business leaders face a lot of pressure. Pressure to motivate and guide your team. Pressure to innovate and get the jump on your competition. Pressure to increase sales and deliver profits quarter after quarter. We decrease these pressures by applying proven marketing and public relations techniques that increase your positive control over these situations and result in profits, success, and personal achievement.

Ralph Masengill, founder of Masengill Marketing Associates, believes success always starts at the top. He also believes in good old-fashioned customer service. Like a friend, he is personally available to customers 24/7. He is dedicated to making your life easier while reducing the stress you face as an executive. Check out our services to learn more.

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"You are our number one priority.  Enhancing your bottom line while making everything as
stress free and enjoyable as possible is the goal."

-Ralph Masengill 
Founder of Masengill Marketing Associates